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Energy Worker, Photographer, & Creator
Of Her Book,
‘Sunsets – An Experience’


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Just for today, do not worry.
​Just for today, do not anger.
Honor parents, teachers and elders.
Earn your living honestly.
Show gratitude to every living thing.
​- Dr. Usui

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Benefits From Reiki
​Promotes Soothing Energy & Reduces:


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Are you looking for a deeply, relaxing break from stress and anxiety? Or wanting to let go of negative thought patterns that are outdated, don’t serve you anymore and keep you stuck? Both Reiki and ITA (Intergrative Therapeutic Alignment) promote Balance, Harmony and Inner Peace within one’s self while reducing stress, anxiety and the effects of negative thinking. Did you know that your pet(s) can benefit from Reiki and ITA as well? I use compassionate, insightful care to help you replenish peace and tranquility to yourself and your pet and restore balance to mind, body and emotional being through soothing energy. Why not book a session and experience the benefits of Reiki and ITA firsthand. The best way to explain these modalities is to experience them for yourself.


  • "My dog Timmy was a rescue that came from a horribly abusive background. He was beaten, abused and neglected by several people in his history in several different situations. I literally rescued this dog off the examination table moments before he was going to be euthanized. I knew Tim had a long way to go, anyone that he met he mistrusted and would become aggressive, but I could see past that and knew there was a sweet dog behind all that fear. Meeting people was very hard for him.  I introduced Donna to Timmy with the hopes that eventually she would be able to give him Reiki.  After a few more meetings with her he grew to trust her enough that she could touch him and give him Reiki. We began weekly sessions with Timmy and it was at that point that the most striking change took place. When I originally started his Reiki treatments I wasn't one hundred percent convinced that it was going to do any good as he was so fearful and I wasn't sure he could take it in as it is meant to be, but felt that having someone be able to at least lay their hands on him, especially his head,  would be good for him in the long run. In fact, Reiki seemed to do him the most good out of everything that I have tried with Timmy. Timmy became much less anxious, more relaxed and trusting of people. Although he needs a proper introduction, and probably will for the rest of his life, I don't think he's ever going to be the kind of dog that willingly meets people with a wagging tail, but he is much easier with greeting people now. I feel that Reiki was the one thing that propelled Timmy's progress forward to where we are today, a fairly well-adjusted dog that I can take on walks, take on trips and help with me as a dog walking partner in my pet sitting business. Timmy and I owe a lot to Donna and Reiki.  I don't think we would be this far along in his rehab if it weren't for Reiki.
    Debra Gallo
  • "Myself and my beloved dog Spanky have both been recipients of Reiki with Donna.  Her sessions offered a quiet, calming and restorative break from our everyday hectic lives.  Don't miss a chance for yourself and/or your pet for this soothing respite in your day.  You will feel energized and wonderfully relaxed. I did and I believe Spanky did too."
    Patty Ann
  • "Donna is a real gem with a thorough understanding of Reiki energy work.   She has a calm and grounded way about her that my fearful dog Josie immediately responded to.  Her approach was gentle and kind.  Josie has suffered with debilitating anxiety since being rescued from a shelter.  Donna has helped her to feel more confident and trusting.  Reiki treatments have also reduced her stress and has enhanced her overall quality of life.  I believe in her skills so much that I booked a session for myself.  I felt fabulous!  I highly recommend Donna!!"
  • "After my Reiki session with Donna I felt a relaxation and balance I have never felt with years of sports massage. Honestly at first I was skeptical of having a Reiki session, since for years in my athletics I tried relaxation techniques and meditation with really no success. I travel for work so being on the road all week is stressful with not much down time and I was suffering from lots of aches and pains from years of running. When Donna approached me to try a session I did and what a great experience. It took me a while to relax but once I did it was an amazing experience. Donna was able to pinpoint stress areas and injuries I had and focused on those. After the session I truly felt a inner peace and sense of well-being. I will definitely keep Reiki with Donna in my future.
  • "Donna has volunteered her time as a Reiki practitioner at my horse rescue farm.  She became an integral part in helping the horses adapt to life at our farm and know they are loved and safe, treated those that may have fallen ill or have an ailment and provided Reiki for their general well-being.  She has my trust and the trust of my horses in knowing that she is helping them to heal themselves."